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Iqama Magazine Podcast “Reclaiming Our Identity!”

Tune in to our podcasts as we share news, stories, events, and updates from Muslim communities across the United States!

Each podcast will feature 5 different speakers representing 5 different communities / masjids from around the United States. These podcasts and our guest speakers will be highlighted in our magazine. (Podcasts will premiere on our website in September 2018)

We will explore the history of the Muslim communities of the United States, their diverse cultural backgrounds, the complex struggles that exist within each community, and the powerful role that these communities have in defining what it means to be American.

We will also welcome special guests and role models to our podcasts to highlight the leadership initiatives that are being taken to address these struggles, to explore the diversity that exists within the Muslim communities in the United States, to recognize Muslim art initiatives, and to highlight upcoming Muslim events that are being hosted across the  United States.

Subscribe and Stay Tuned!

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