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The Other Ground Zero Masjid – The Assafa Islamic Center

Known by many as the Masjid on God Row, the sister to the Ground Zero Masjid, and one of the facilities that spearheaded the development of the unique Muslim cemetery in New Jersey, the Assafa Masjid offers the Muslims of Manhattan a wide array of services. Mufty Luthfur Rahman Qasimy helps us get a better understanding of the history of this 6-story Islamic center and the community relationships that it has helped to develop.

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In our interview with Mufty Luthfur Rahman Qasimy he shared with us the story that inspired the development of the all Muslim graveyard in New Jersey, a site with more than 400 burial lots dedicated to Muslims to help preserve and dignify the process associated with Muslim funeral proceedings. He discussed the struggles that the community has faced with the Muslim Ban and the strong stance that they have taken against the separation of families and children at the US – Mexico border. He also discussed the importance of the professional therapy services available at the masjid providing a wide array of support for individuals with anxiety, family issues, substance abuse concerns, work related stressors, or martial tension.

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For more information about the Assafa Islamic Center or to help make a donation to support the expansion of the masjid contact:

Mufty Luthfur Rahman Qasimy

Assafa Islamic Center Inc

172 Eldridge Street, New York NY 10002

Phone : 212-253-1052




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