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Iqama Magazine Book Club!

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The Iqama Magazine book club is dedicated to providing you with quality reading material to enrich your understanding of Islam. Our reading lists will include a wide variety of topics including but not limited to:

Poetry and Prose in Islam

Sharia Law


Women in Islam, Quran Tafseer

Historical Accounts

Stories from the Prophet Muhammed’s Life PBUH

A Study of Hadith Narrations

Relevant Speeches and Essays on Islam

The Concept of God in Islam

Stories of the Prophets

The Benefits of Ramadan and Fasting

Human Rights

Biographical Accounts of Muslims that Have Made an Impact on Society,

Hijab and Modesty


Day of Judgment

Science in Islam

Islamic Societies (Past and Present),

Modern Day Islam

Muslim Jurisprudence


Readers are encouraged to send in book reviews, recommendations, and to share their opinions on our book club list by submitting them to us online and commenting on our quarterly posts related to the book club! (check out our submissions page)

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