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Iqama Magazine Book Club: List #1

BOOK REVIEW #1: Critical Lives: Muhammad —

Written by Yahiya Emerick

Critical Lives: Muhammad is an excellent book that provides a fundamental understanding of how and where Islam started. It relays a detailed account of the life of the Prophet (pbuh) and the people who believed in him. This text includes Hadith, Quranic text, maps and timelines. It shares the magnificent story of the best of humanity in a clear detailed manner, and maintains a strong sense of academic integrity and scholarship. Although it is not a reference book, it is a captivating and well structured read that is highly recommended for anyone looking to strengthen their connection to our Prophet (pbuh).


BOOK REVIEW #2: The Prophet of Islam Muhammad A Biographical and Pictorial Guide to His teachings Featuring the Moral Bases of Islamic Civilization — Written by Sam Deeb and Steven Scholl

This pocket sized guide about the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and Islam is a must read for Muslims young and old. It relays to us the story of the prophet Muhammed’s life (pbuh) and describes to us the foundational beliefs and elements of Islam. This book is packed full of pictures and images that give us a more realistic understanding of the story of his life and the basis of Islam. As a bonus, it also contains a collection of images of some of the most beautiful masjids from around the globe! If you are interested in an concise image rich approach to better understanding the Prophet’s life (pbuh) and Islam, this book is an excellent choice.


BOOK REVIEW #3: Purification of the Heart Signs, Symptoms and Cures of the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart Translation and Commentary of Imām Mawlūd’s Maṭharat al-Qulūb—Written by Hamza Yusuf

This book is an eloquently written guide that clearly and concisely delineates between the various ailments of the heart that cause us to feel distant from Allah or a sense of peace.  Yusuf references Imam Maqwlud’s book when he writes that the “root of the heart’s diseases…is the love of the temporal world”. If you feel that your heart lacks a sense of peace, if you are curious about the causes of the ailment of the heart, or if you are struggling with choosing between your desires and what is right as defined by Allah (swt) – this book is a must read for you!


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