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Watch Yourself, An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Farjana Khan

PhD, Psychologist, Author of 5 books, Life Coach, and Activist. Dr. Farjana Khan is the Founder/President of A.K.K.I Inc. a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims, victims of In-Law Abuse (emotional and physical), victims of sexual abuse by family members, and victims of family drug abuse. She has been a part of many TV/Radio talk show appearances, addressing everything from Islamophobia and Education, to Muslim Family Therapy and Life Coaching.

Tune in to our podcast to hear about her latest publication “Watch Yourself” and to learn about her work as a psychologist in New York.

Listen to our Interview with Dr. Farjana Khan:

For family or individual therapy, life coaching, or for a personal consultation you can call Dr. Farjana Khan 917-280-6064 or email her

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2 thoughts on “Watch Yourself, An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Farjana Khan Leave a comment

  1. Hello,

    I’m inquiring about the next issue and when will it be mailed? I was informed that it’s sippised to mailed in January.

    Thanks, Malkah


  2. Salam! This is a question we have received from a few of our subscribers, I may post a frequently asked questions and answers section to help address:

    The January edition is compiled with a due date for all contributors posted as January and it is mailed out prior to the completion of the next edition (you should receive it before April)…and you should receive the April edition prior to July.

    Feel free to reach out if you have more questions and we are happy to help! Also let us know what you thought of the October edition!


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