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What is Yemeni Coffee? and Why are you giving it away for free?

In the 14th century, a Yemeni monk was the first to make and drink coffee (although many argue that it was first founded in Ethiopia). An undisputed fact, is that for 200 years the people of Yemen had a monopoly on the growth, sale, and trade of coffee through the port of Mocha, the worlds first coffee distribution center.

Coffee quickly spread to Mecca, India, Cairo, Persia, Turkey, and the Horn of Africa. By the 1600’s it found its way to Italy, the Balkans, and Europe. Coffee shops and trade centers sprung up all over the world.

In American we call it it coffee, the dutch call it Koffie, the Ottoman Turks call it Kahve, and the Arabs call it Qahwah. The one thing we all have in common: we love these beans.

Today we consume 400 billion cups of coffee a day around the world. That is approximately 15,000 cups every second. It is the second most consumed drink after water.

Modest Muslim Market is proud to share a part of our families heritage and culture with you. Join us for a free cup of Yemeni coffee (or Yemeni tea) and learn more about our Coffee for a Cause Campaign.

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