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Welcoming Ramadan!

Alsalam Alaykum!

To help brighten our home this Ramadan, we have created a Ramadan Playlist that we would love to share with all of you. Please enjoy and share with others!

Take a moment to make dua for yourself, your loves ones, for the Muslim Umah, & the world! Greet Ramadan with glad tidings, positive dua, and well wishes!

May your homes be filled with the recitation of the Quran and remembrance of Allah. May the remembrance of Allah bring you joy and peace today and everyday!

May Allah swt bridge the gap between you and the family members that you cannot see face to face, those who have passed (May Allah have mercy on their souls) and those who are quarantined in different cities around the world!

May Allah swt have mercy on us and our parents, and our loves ones, and those that came before us, and those that will come after us, on the Muslims of the world, and on all of his creations!

May Allah swt accept our good deeds, grant us beneficial knowledge, and gift us with his blessing that are pure.

May he heal the struggles of our families, lift grudges, hate, and jealousy that may exist in our hearts, and unite us all through his worship!

May Allah swt heal our ailments and lift the burdens and sicknesses that we struggle with (the aliments of our hearts, our bodies, and our spirits)!

May Allah swt give all of us peace of mind and peace in our hearts, may he make our hearts open to receiving his guidance and his mercy!

May Allah swt give us the strength to overcome our personal challenges, to reassess our negative habits & traits, and develop positive ones in their place during this blessed month!

May all of you be blessed with great tidings from Allah in every day of the Month of Ramadan and every day after it!

May Allah swt unite all of us in Janat Al Firdous inshalla!


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