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Get Legally Savvy – Promoting Access To Justice and Legal Representation Among Muslim Americans

Zarinah Nadir, Esq has recently published her book “Legally Savvy” and in this interview she shares her insight on what it means to serve her community, to promote justice, and to provide access to legal representation among Muslim Americans and the greater American community. Listen to our Podcast Interview with Nadir on Reclaiming our Identity to learn more.

Nadir’s book, ”Legally Savvy” was published September (2021) and our interview provides listeners with insight to the breadth and depth of legal knowledge and support that Nadir has to offer to the Muslim American community and to Americans everywhere regardless of faith or creed.

In our interview with Nadir, she explores how her faith and her belief in Justice influences her work as a lawyer. She shares her latest projects and helps us navigate what resources are available to American families before during and after a crisis. In speaking with Nadir we also learn about the challenges that the Muslim community, minorities, immigrants, and people of color face when it comes to justice and obtaining legal support (and how we can overcome these barriers as a community).

As a Muslim American Woman that has dedicated her life’s work to promoting justice and educating her community on the availability of legal representation, Nadir has invited our listeners and followers to contact her to learn more about the the benefits of having a personal lawyer, and the affordable options that exist for those who are interested, and those who are in need.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Zarinah Nadir Esq.:  

Instagram: @zarinahnadiresq


Phone: 480.233.6546 (by text)

To Purchase a Copy of Legally Savvy from Barnes and Noble:

To Purchase a Copy of Legally Savvy from Amazon:

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