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Current Competitions

Iqama Magazine is proud to present 4 new quarterly competitions for our readers and podcast listeners:

1. Iqama Magazine Essay Competition

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Theme: Everyday Muslim American Heroes

500 words or less + 100 word personal statement. Tell us about your Muslim American Hero (must be someone you know personally). Your submission will be judged based on the quality of your writing, creativity, and the impact of your message

2. Iqama Magazine Photography Competition

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Theme: A World of Wonder

Can you capture the beauty of the world around you without exploiting your subjects? Use photography to send a message about the beauty of Islam to our readers. Send us your photos – the winners will be featured in the next edition of our magazine!

3.  Iqama Magazine Creative Writing Competition

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Write us a story and get it published in the magazine!
Criteria: 1000 words or less

4. Iqama Magazine Postcard Competition

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Send us a postcard – on the postcard include a story, drawing, picture, letter, etc… it will be judged by your creativity.

These competitions are open to all Muslims in the United States.

All submissions should be sent electronically or by mail to:

[Title of the email should be: Competition Submission, 2019]

Mailing Address:

Attn: Iqama Magazine,
837 South McCord Road, Holland, Ohio, 43528

For each of your submissions be sure to include:






Prizes and winners are announced at the end of each quarter! Submissions accepted & winners selected every quarter!

Have questions or comments? Send us an email:

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