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Islamic Library

To make a book purchase, or request information on pricing and availability, please click here to use our contact us page.

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Modest Muslim Market Book Club Collection

Includes select books, Quran in English and Arabic, Hadith Books, Pocket Size Islamic Literature, Islamic Children’s Books.

Click here to see our collection From GoodWork Books, through our partnership with them, we are able to price match anything on their website.

Visit Dar-us-Salam Publications - Online Islamic Bookstore!

Our Free Literature Includes The Following + Free Copies of the Quran in English:

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Our Partnership with Goodword Books Allows us to Provide You With The Following:

Our Partnership with NoorArt allows us to price match anything on their website.

Don’t see the books that you were looking for on our website, visit NoorArt Inc using this link for Quality Islamic and Arabic books, toys, CDs, and DVDs! You will get the books that you love & our book store will also receive 10% of the profit to help make our services available.

Through our partnership with DarUsSalam we can price match the selection on their website.

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